Wash World is a locally owned and operated family business right here in Columbia, SC.  We proudly employee more than 25 great people in South Carolina and North Carolina to help keep our business going and customers happy.  We take pride in all of our locations and work hard to keep all the equipment in peak operating condition for our customers to have the best experience possible.

In addition to operating the laundries we also build and supply laundry equipment for all types of facilities across the Carolina’s and Georgia.  We have been able to use this background and knowledge and apply it to our Wash World’s to create the best experience you can have while doing your laundry.

These are not the laundromats of the old days, these are professional laundry facilities. We have credit card acceptance, full in store automation, pick up and delivery service, 40+ high spin washers and 40+ dryers,  high definition security cameras, multiple large plat panel high definition tv’s with digital cable, vending, arcade, and ALWAYS an employee on site to assist you at our staffed locations.   We all have some laundry that is just too large to put in our home washer so we all need a laundromat sometime! Come in and see whats changed and bring your laundry with you!

Call us or send an email if you have any questions or concerns or neat ideas.

Phone; 803-783-0009

Email: washworldcolumbia@gmail.com